OMG!!Zindy and the team spend countless hours the last years building her Instagram and in 1 night it was all taken away from us! Zindy's Instagram has been hacked and there's nothing we can do........So, we decided to do what we had to do for you followers and that is to start from scratch.... Zindy was so upset, but she said "I''m not letting my fans down", so we had to keep up going.

Follow Zindy over on her new Instagram which is: http://instagram.com/officialzindy

Let's build it up and build a new community there again. Thanks for your support.

In Danish:

OMG!! Zindy og hendes team har brugt SÅ mange timer de sidste år, på at opbygge Zindy's Instagram og på 1 nat blev det hele revet væk. Zindy's Instagram er blevet hacked og der er ikke noget vi kan gøre ved det.......Så vi har besluttet at starte forfra.....Zindy var rigtig ked af det, men sagde "Jeg giver ikke op på mine fans", så vi blev nødt til at blive ved.

Følg Zindy på hendes nye Instagram, som er: http://instagram.com/officialzindy

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Zindy is working on her Merchandise for you guys. What do you think we should add to her shop? Caps? Or hoodies? Or maybe something else.......we value you think very much. Let's us know in the commen

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