New York, New York

It was 1997. It was my first time traveling to the United States. I was sent to New Jersey by the record label, to work with a guy named Jack Ponti and a bunch of great songwriters from New York.

We were writing songs for my new album.

it was my first time in America and it was SO exiting. I’m half American, so it meant the world to be there and see the other part of my heritage!

From left: Patti, Jack, Rob, Camus and Guy

We started writing our first song “Permanent Distraction” and we had great chemistry and the song just flew out us.

The next song we had the amazing producer Camus (Tina Turner) with us in the studio as well as great Rob (Volbeat). and Guy Daniel was recording the vocals!

It felt like one big Happy Family!

Guy behind the board

Guy & I

Jack & I goofing around

One day after we had a long studio session, Patti ( Jack’s cousin) and I finally went to New York. It was my first time.....

We were driving into lower Manhattan, and I saw the sky scrapers shoot up in front of me! It was absolutely magical... I was in love.

View from the car 1997

We drove down to South Street Seaport and when I was standing looking at the Brooklyn Bridge, and the saw skyline on the other side...I felt like I was home.

New York City

At that moment I decided, that I was going to move to New York, and start a new life here.

Afterwards, we went up to Harlem, to see the world-famous Apollo theater. And Patti and I finished off with some soul food, at Sylvia‘s.

Patti & I

The Apollo Theater

It was one of the best days of my life!

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