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I remember it as if it was yesterday. It was 1996 and we were number 1 on the Australian charts for the 8th week in a row. Our manager told us that we were invited to go to Australia.

Australia always meant a lot to me, because my Danish family immigrated there in 69 to start a new life there and it was also the place where lil’ old me was conceived.

I was very exited and I couldn’t wait to go there.

Weeks later we were on the plane. Mc Zipp, Per and I sat in the same row with our manager John. Our dancers Adam and Jabu sat in the back. Jabu was the prankster of the group and so much fun. He always made sure that the energy was high and that we were laughing.

We arrived in Singapore and had a one day lay over at a hotel. We were chillin’ at the pool and enjoying the hot weather. I went to bed early to get ready for the last leg of our flight.

It was warm and the sun was shining bright, when we exited the plane in a small town called Townsville. It was the first place we were going to perform.

Our hotel in Townsville

We had one day off before our first show and after a nap, we were going to an animal park, where we got a private tour. It was SO amazing. We got to feed the kangaroos, pet the koala bears and I got to hold a massive black python. What are treat. ❤️

Mc Zipp holding a Python

At night we had a light dinner and people from the other bands, starting to arrive.

Chris Johns, John, Jabu and I

My good friend Tania, lead singer of Culture Beat came and we hugged and it was so good to see her. It was our first headlining tour together as Cut’N’Move and Culture Beat.

The next morning we went to the venue, for sound check and met everyone. There was Melodie Mc with my 2 good friends Mayomi and Denise and then there was 2 Dj’s called Chris and Christian. And of course, Tania and Jay from Culture Beat.

CNM Australia

The soundcheck went well and we went back to the hotel for a nap and to get ready.

I was nervous when I stood there backstage looking out into the crowd. Our intro started and we went on stage. “Na…..na….na, baby give it up, give it up…baby give it up”. The crowd went ballistic and were singing and dancing. And just like that….The Love Tour began….

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