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My Story!

Thanks for being here! My name is Zindy, I'm an Award-Winning Danish/American singer, songwriter, performer, actress and vocal coach. I’ve been singing since I was 16 years old and I’ve sold over 2 million records and performed for thousands of people all over the world. 


My teaching method is called “Soul-Based Singing & Performing”, which teaches you how to sing, perform and speak from your heart and soul. When you show your authentic self and shine your light from within, you impact and inspire people in a powerful, profound way. 


Many teachers teach you ONLY the physical aspects of singing, but forget that it’s the soul that is the driving force behind what you do in life. I have always been a spiritual person and I feel that the world needs more world of singers and performers, who display their who have inner greatness and shines. The world truly needs light and uplifting and I believe that by your singing and performing you can make an impact and a difference. 


Some of the greatest entertainers that have ever lived, where using soul to connect with their audience, like Prince, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and James Brown to name a few. And they will never be forgotten because they impacted us in such a deep level….soul to soul. 


My intention is to help you discover your inner greatness! 

I believe we all have a gift and a calling. And it’s my mission to help you connect to that and bring that out. I believe that if you have been called to sing….you have been called to serve. 


When you sing and perform from your heart, people will be amazed, because there’s nothing more magnetic than an authentic singer and performer. 


Each session will be tailored to YOUR need, so whatever you need help with, I will work on you with. 


Maybe you have a song that you want to work on or maybe you’ve never song before, but always dreamed of it, but was too scared to get started. 

Or maybe maybe you need help learning the fundamentals of singing or prep for a studio session. You might have a show or a tour coming up and need help with your performance technique. Whatever you need, we will make a plan for YOU, so that you can be your best self and shine and find your inner greatness. I will provide a safe space, where you can explore your singing and performing in your own tempo. 


All styles are welcome


Doing these Covid times, we will work online. But, as soon as things open up, we will be able to meet and work in person with social distancing naturally. 


Because I have a busy schedule, I have limited time, so it will be on a first come, first serve basis. So, I only except student on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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